Our Vision

Meanwhile, we have been looking for a partner organization, e.g., a research institute, a university or a company involved in research and development of ocean wave energy converters. With our partner we would like to share in research and secure technical and financial assistance for the realization of the demonstration plant in the scale 1 : 1, and to bring the Wave Catcher up to the stage of its use in the market, hereafter, to the worldwide use.

Considering the sustainability and the power of ocean waves, the relative low cost of energy production related with the use of the Wave Catcher, this technology might represent an attractive and environment friendly solution for energy producers. We strongly believe the Wave Catcher could be the unrivaled technology for the 21st century and its use could bring a significant change in renewable energy production.

We are open to participate on theoretical modeling, scale model testing or other form of cooperation to bring this Wave Catcher in a real source of electrical power for the 21 century.